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Oh yes... I could go on forever on Hamaan.

Anyway, she is indeed the daughter of Maharajha Kahn, the governor of Axis until
0083 who welcomed the remnant Zeon force to Axis after the One Year War. After
her father died, Hamaan succeeded at the age of 16 to become Mineva Zabi's
regent. Having grown up in space with associations to the Flanegan NT Agency,
she is one of the most powerful NTs in the UC timeline. There are multiple
references stating that Qubeley was produced for her exclusive use, owing to the
fact that only few people, if not none other, possess the ability to master the
onboard psycommu system. Therefore, production of Qubeley MK-II only began after
the Axis military confirmed the NT ablilities of Elupee Puru. As a sidenote, I
wish they had also confirmed Puru's piloting skills before they decided to
produce Qubeley MK-II, such that they won't be wasting such a precious unit.

Scirocco, on the other hand, commands only the Jupiter Fleet (problem: there
seems to be no other ships in the "fleet" other than Jupitoris) and does not hold
a really high rank, at best equivalent to Quattro in 0087-0088. It is only due
to a military vacuum in Titans, masterminded by himself, that Scirocco got to
dispatch the Titans fleet at his will.

Freedom045@aol.com wrote:

> In Haman's case, she was essentially the "regent", running Neo-Zeon in the
> name of Mineva Zabi. She's also a bad-ass Newtype that I wouldn't want to
> piss off. I believe there was a reference in some of the sourcebooks that she
> is the daughter of Maharaja Kahn, the leader of Axis who died sometime by
> 0083.
> As for Paptimus Scirocco, he seems to be essentially a freelancer, a hired
> gun, a pirate. I doubt he was eveer in any real "chain of command".

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