Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Wed, 13 Dec 2000 02:03:34 -0800

>Just wanted to let you know about my shopping experience with HLJ this last
>week or so.
>I put in an order in Late November for some PG Wing Kits, 1 PG Zeta, 1
>Valkyrie (Mediacom/Yamato One), 1 Armored CORE action figure and 2 other
>kits. I received a confirmation email right away. A couple of days later I
>recieved an order confirmation confirming that my order was received by HLJ
>staff and they were processing it. The next day they informed me that the 2
>other kits were not in stock and asked me if I'd like to backorder or delete
>the items. I chose to delete items. A couple of days later I recieved a
>confirmation that the items I requested had been shipped. Much to my
>surprise about 1 week later they showed up on my door in a huge/sturdy
>cardboard box with large bubble wrap between the kits and around them.

Interesting, when I complained to Scott Hards earlier this year about HLJ's
lack of any padding material and awful packaging practice, he basically
told me using foam peanuts and bubblewraps wouldn't have made much
difference. 0_-

>the boxes showed up undamaged and in great condition. And somehow I escape
>the evil Canadian Duty-Guy.
>In summary, I was happy with my HLJ order and will order from them again
>without hesitation.

Let me get this straight... they ignored your request to delete items,
went ahead and shipped the items you've requested to be canceled to you, and
you are actually happy about what they did?

What if you've gone out and bought from another source, relying on the
fact that they told you they don't have the goods and will honor your
request to delete your order for them?


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