Graham Belmont (
Wed, 13 Dec 2000 03:27:40 -0600

> >it, looks great, but the review was absolutely scathing. Such a shame,
> >For some reason, almost all the gundam games I've played have been really
> >bad. What a waste of a perfectly good license.
>That's because you haven't played the Japanese ones. ^_^

Actually, I've played quite a few (or rather, tried :P). SD Gundam 2 is one
of my favorites, I'll never get tired of that one (and the Verssu mode was a
great touch). Gundam Wing: Endless Duel is pretty fun, too, but runs too
dang fast on my computer. I can't remember what the other was, it was for
the Super Famicom, a tetris-y acrade type game. All others were turn based
strategy, which really get on my nerves (especially since I don't speak
Japanese). I still have to try all those other fighters that have been
coming out for the PSX, those look like a real hoot.


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