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Thank you, thank you, thank you! Finally someone who knows what he's
talking about. Case closed, I have nothing else to add, except that
Williams is showing his age... most of his recent film scores don't
live up to his usual standards.


>There are similarities but not carbon copies. The cello and violins on track
>14 you state was not done first by Williams. This set of notes is common is
>classical circles. The imperial March claim is also similar But NOT exact.
>Your claims of carbon copies has not been proven. Also If you want to cite
>ripping off. Williams does it with classical composers all the time. I.E.
>Shostakovitch (who is also a Wagnerian composer) and also Franz Lizt. There
>are way too many composers to list that Williams uses to spice up his
>soundtracks. You will find that almost all the ring cycle and some of
>Trisian and Isolde used through the star wars series.
>Scott Alexander Frantz
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><< I hear this accusation all the time, but no one has been able to show
> concrete proof such as CD time comparison or citing the actual passage
> that were "blatantly ripped."
> Just because John Williams and F91's composer ripped of the same guy
> (Wagner) and Williams got famous for that style with Star Wars first
> doesn't make him an original...
> Eddie >>
>Yes, Williams' music is in the "Wagnerian" style, but what I am talking
>is blatant, almost note for note rip-off of score.
>Compare track 14 (0:43-1:17) of the F91 soundtrack to "Hyperspace" from The
>Empire Strikes Back. Also track 6 (0:49-2:00) is practically a carbon copy
>The Imperial March.
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>Gundam Mailing List Archives are available at http://gundam.aeug.org/

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