Ricky Lai (x-lai@uchicago.edu)
Wed, 13 Dec 2000 02:00:47 -0600

While this makes total sense, we have Hamaan and Scirocco fighting in the front lines in
0087. Not that I would mind, as there won't be any action from the awesome Qubeley
otherwise. Nevertheless, this is one of many aspects in which the Z and ZZ series don't
make sense.

Graham Belmont wrote:

> Also, as we all know, Synapus isn't a pilot anymore. If you advance high
> enough in rank you can no longer be one (how many generals or admirals do
> you know of that still fly sorties? How many captains do you see fighting in
> GM's?), you end up with executive positions like the very ones you've just
> described before taking command.

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