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Bingo! Thanks, Leslie, for clearing things up.

Leslie_R wrote:

> > What about the beam saber? Bazooka? GP03D isn't restricted to just using
> > missiles, you know... As for the I-Field - if it's that obvious, then Kou
> > should know too - protect it at all cost!!! I don't know where you learn the
> > 2D/3D stuff, but GP03D is designed for combat in space - anytime you have
> > combat in space, you are pretty much have to work in 3D. What do you think
> > the linear seat is for? Look at pretty stars?
> i think he means that the weapons and maneuver cheme favors a 2
> dimensional stratagy, even allowing for adjusting the 'plane' to match
> your current target/targets.. there is no fixed up or donw in space,
> Neiu Zeil on the other hand is built more for maneouvering and attacking
> all over the place (i think, i haven't seen this battle yet but from the
> looks of things that's what i'm betting on)

Thanks again for confirming the information I supplied previously.

> yes, what do you think were in those transports that were landing after
> the hi-jacking of GP02a? also there is a reason why those GMs were
> called "GM Custom"

Somewhat along the lines of what I mentioned. Melee combat is effective, though
highly risky. With superior mobility, it is to Zeon units' advantage to swarm Fed
troops, as in the assault on the defense line at Solar System II, and rip up
everything thing Federation they see.

> > I don't know where you have been - throughout the UC timeline, close
> > range combat are avoided at all cost because by "spending time" getting
> > close to the target will certain give the target time to shoot at you.
> > Whether the weapon advance or not is not an issue here - it's how dumb
> > getting close to the target, since it's much easier to spot a closer enemy
> > and it's from afar...
> >
> just because you can see it dosn't mean you can hit it, or that the hits
> will do much if you're using machine-guns and vulcans, but a beam-saber
> will do them up a treat and you don't have to be dead-on to score a kill
> with it either, just ready the arm level with the torso and *Slash*!

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