Zhou Tai An (kain@pacific.net.sg)
Wed, 13 Dec 2000 14:44:43 +0800 (SGT)

>You sir, are a better man than I. Probably a little nuttier, too ^_^

Well, maybe. ^_^ I just like the thrill of one-on-one combat more.

>That's a crying shame. I'd love blasting those Goufs into the next century
>with that buster cannon.

Yeah, but it wouldn't make much sense having Wing in 0079...

>The one thing I don't like about that game is that you're pretty much stuck
>with the same 3-4 suits. Oh, what I wouldn't give to play as a Dom, or heck,
>even as the Rhino :P

Well said. I had hoped you could play Visch instead, but no such luck.

Zhou Tai An (kain@pacific.net.sg)

"There is no one simple truth." - Rune Walsh

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