Graham Belmont (
Wed, 13 Dec 2000 00:13:53 -0600

> >I just let my wingmen take care of it, until they get picked off, of
> >:P
>Well, I went head to head and took it out. ^_^

You sir, are a better man than I. Probably a little nuttier, too ^_^

> >I heard that of you beat the game on hard, you get to play through again
> >with Wing as an optional suit. Did any of you get that far yet? I'm
> >without cheats, but those damn Goggs keep getting in my way.....
>No way - whoever told you this is bullshitting you. I have it on good
>authority that nothing of this sort will happen.

That's a crying shame. I'd love blasting those Goufs into the next century
with that buster cannon.

The one thing I don't like about that game is that you're pretty much stuck
with the same 3-4 suits. Oh, what I wouldn't give to play as a Dom, or heck,
even as the Rhino :P


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