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> > I have no problems with that. Effort deserves reward.
> Not always - just look at the election results - I certainly think Gore
> worked harder than Bush, yet you don't see Gore winning now, do you?
> > Well, "The Nightmare of Solomon" didn't earn his title for nothing.
> Besides, I
> > can't take combat that has more talk than action. Also, what's with units
> > "stopping" once thrusters are off in 0087/0088? Realism in ZZ series?
> > Please...
> Excuse me - I have never talk about realism in ZZ? Why do you keep on
> bring that up?
> > He did show some spunk, which is good indication of a potential ace pilot.
> Katsu show spunk, and he's an average pilot at best...
> > Wouldn't shooting Gato without questioning be a little too abrupt? After
> all,
> > Gato is a noted opponent of Kou's. Wouldn't you want to get to know your
> enemy
> > of a lifetime a little more before finishing him off?
> It's Kou's job to stop the colony, not to settle personal score. He
> should've shot Gato, since it's obvious that he's trying to "push" the
> colony down to earth.
> > You have to be kidding me. Those missiles onboard GP-03D do minimal
> damage to a
> > heavily-armored Neue Ziel, that is, if Kou hasn't wasted all of them on
> > worthless Zaku's and Rick Dom's. With such an obvious I-Field generator,
> Neue
> > Ziel can easily use its main arms to slip pass the barrier and destroy the
> > generator unit, piece of cake for Gato. It is also important to note that
> > despite its conceptual design of combining the flexibility of MS with the
> power
> > of MA, GP-03D is still largely restricted to fighting on a 2D plane,
> whereas
> > Neue Ziel operates on three. Lastly, Neue Ziel packs an impressive amount
> of
> > explosives that almost rival GP-03D's collection. But unlike GP-03D's
> spray
> > missiles that comprise the majority of the unit's explosives, Neue Ziel's
> > explosives are targeted against specific units.
> What about the beam saber? Bazooka? GP03D isn't restricted to just using
> missiles, you know... As for the I-Field - if it's that obvious, then Kou
> should know too - protect it at all cost!!! I don't know where you learn the
> 2D/3D stuff, but GP03D is designed for combat in space - anytime you have
> combat in space, you are pretty much have to work in 3D. What do you think
> the linear seat is for? Look at pretty stars?

i think he means that the weapons and maneuver cheme favors a 2
dimensional stratagy, even allowing for adjusting the 'plane' to match
your current target/targets.. there is no fixed up or donw in space,
Neiu Zeil on the other hand is built more for maneouvering and attacking
all over the place (i think, i haven't seen this battle yet but from the
looks of things that's what i'm betting on)
> > They might not have piloted the same GM throughout their careers, but they
> have
> > spent enough time with their current units to have them custom-made.
> I don't think the ones Monsha or Alan use are custom - do you think they
> have enough time to move their custom build GM to Albion?
yes, what do you think were in those transports that were landing after
the hi-jacking of GP02a? also there is a reason why those GMs were
called "GM Custom"

> > Amuro and Char don't "lose their heads" when they encounter each other,
> nor does
> > Juudo when facing Hamaan in her deadly Qubeley. I must admit, however,
> that
> > there is something special about Camille, a sort of subtle but solid
> charisma
> > unique to NTs.
> I think he has what it takes to be a leader in NT revolution. Of course,
> he's never as good as Char, but I see he would play a major role in it...
> > Some dodging or demonstration of superior piloting skills would be nice.
> > Carnage definitely fails to do it for me.
> I see the effect is completely lost on you...
> > Yes I have, thank you very much. There are about four decent-to-ace
> pilots in
> > AEUG and just about one with Kalaba. God knows what happened to the folks
> from
> > Axis...
> Didn't you know? Most of them went to AEUG, since they are fighting for
> the rights for spacenoids. Most of the Axis crew are rookies, since most of
> the veterans are either dead or at AEUG...
> > Simply because the whole Zeon resistance is based on guerrilla warfare!
> That,
> > however, does not mean those attacks are not as deadly. I'd rather know
> where
> > my enemy is coming from than living under constant fear of being sniped.
> I just mean that with guerrilla warfare, it's more about "personal
> skills", not strategy type attacks. Don't you think that you wouldn't need
> to worrying about the enemy leading you into an ambush in a guerrilla
> warfare, do you?
> > Again, I have watched CCA, thank you. Don't forget that long-range
> weaponry has
> > improved dramtically since the dawn of mobile suits. Considering that
> most
> > units in0083 carry crappy long-range weapons, melee fighting seems a lot
> more
> > effective. As dangerous as it may be, Delaz fleet pilots are no chickens
> like
> > the Feds.
> I don't know where you have been - throughout the UC timeline, close
> range combat are avoided at all cost because by "spending time" getting
> close to the target will certain give the target time to shoot at you.
> Whether the weapon advance or not is not an issue here - it's how dumb
> getting close to the target, since it's much easier to spot a closer enemy
> and it's from afar...
just because you can see it dosn't mean you can hit it, or that the hits
will do much if you're using machine-guns and vulcans, but a beam-saber
will do them up a treat and you don't have to be dead-on to score a kill
with it either, just ready the arm level with the torso and *Slash*!

> > Then let me ask you this time, have you watched the fleet battle scenes
> from the
> > latter parts of Z, in which MSes simply fire at long-range randomly in
> > SPACE? Nevertheless, I am not about to defend Kou for not at least
> attempt to
> > blast GP-02A from a decent range.
> I guess you miss the big argument about coverfire - most of the time,
> those MS's role is to defend the warship, and anytime you have a
> ship-to-ship battle, you want as much coverfire as possible...
> > Most probably not according to the stats in an undisturbed dashing
> competition,
> > but who is prohibiting Gato from preventing GP-01FB to make a straight
> pursuit
> > by firing GP-02A's vulcans?
> I am not talking about that - I am talking about playing "chicken" with
> GP02A. Since it's obvious that GP02A cannot get away from GP01Fb, why don't
> Kou try to get in a better position and shoot Gato? Gato can try running,
> but it would just give the back to Kou for Kou to shoot him at...
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