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Graham Belmont wrote:
> > >True, but who's to say that Synapus or Burning wouldn't have shown the
> >same
> > >improvement had they been piloting the Gundam?
> >
> >Synapus? He's not even a MS pilot, he's a ship captain, and most likely
> >never received any pilot training.
> >
> >Eddie
> >
> Says who? Every high ranking officer had to start out somewhere, right? You
> can't make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich without the peanut butter.
> Only under the *most extraordinary of circumstances* may an officer skip a
> rank, so he's run the whole gambit. Maybe he wasn't a mobile suit pilot
> (actually, very unlikely), but the controls are very similar to those an our
> modern aircraft. Add a few bells and whistles and there you have it, a MS
> cockpit.
> -G

how so is that "very unlikely" actually becoming a ship captain from
being a pilot is the least likely scenario, pilots are given comand of
squadrons, not warships.. Synapse would more likely than not have risen
from the ranks through this or that crew job on board a ship,
vulminating more likely as an Executive officer before making the big
leap to his own command

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