Graham Belmont (
Tue, 12 Dec 2000 22:43:50 -0600

> >I think it is. Visch faces against the White Dingos in one at the start
> >the final mission. You have to finish him quickly, or else the
> >Mobile Armor comes in, packing either a Big-ass cannon, or a Bigger-ass
> >Burstliner, and then you're all but dead.
> >
> >It has a twin beam sword, like most other Gelgoogs.
>Ummm, I have news for you. I KILLED the Rhinoceros. ^_^

I just let my wingmen take care of it, until they get picked off, of course

I heard that of you beat the game on hard, you get to play through again
with Wing as an optional suit. Did any of you get that far yet? I'm trying
without cheats, but those damn Goggs keep getting in my way.....

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