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> I have no problems with that. Effort deserves reward.

    Not always - just look at the election results - I certainly think Gore
worked harder than Bush, yet you don't see Gore winning now, do you?

> Well, "The Nightmare of Solomon" didn't earn his title for nothing.
Besides, I
> can't take combat that has more talk than action. Also, what's with units
> "stopping" once thrusters are off in 0087/0088? Realism in ZZ series?
> Please...

    Excuse me - I have never talk about realism in ZZ? Why do you keep on
bring that up?

> He did show some spunk, which is good indication of a potential ace pilot.

    Katsu show spunk, and he's an average pilot at best...

> Wouldn't shooting Gato without questioning be a little too abrupt? After
> Gato is a noted opponent of Kou's. Wouldn't you want to get to know your
> of a lifetime a little more before finishing him off?

    It's Kou's job to stop the colony, not to settle personal score. He
should've shot Gato, since it's obvious that he's trying to "push" the
colony down to earth.

> You have to be kidding me. Those missiles onboard GP-03D do minimal
damage to a
> heavily-armored Neue Ziel, that is, if Kou hasn't wasted all of them on
> worthless Zaku's and Rick Dom's. With such an obvious I-Field generator,
> Ziel can easily use its main arms to slip pass the barrier and destroy the
> generator unit, piece of cake for Gato. It is also important to note that
> despite its conceptual design of combining the flexibility of MS with the
> of MA, GP-03D is still largely restricted to fighting on a 2D plane,
> Neue Ziel operates on three. Lastly, Neue Ziel packs an impressive amount
> explosives that almost rival GP-03D's collection. But unlike GP-03D's
> missiles that comprise the majority of the unit's explosives, Neue Ziel's
> explosives are targeted against specific units.

    What about the beam saber? Bazooka? GP03D isn't restricted to just using
missiles, you know... As for the I-Field - if it's that obvious, then Kou
should know too - protect it at all cost!!! I don't know where you learn the
2D/3D stuff, but GP03D is designed for combat in space - anytime you have
combat in space, you are pretty much have to work in 3D. What do you think
the linear seat is for? Look at pretty stars?

> They might not have piloted the same GM throughout their careers, but they
> spent enough time with their current units to have them custom-made.

    I don't think the ones Monsha or Alan use are custom - do you think they
have enough time to move their custom build GM to Albion?

> Amuro and Char don't "lose their heads" when they encounter each other,
nor does
> Juudo when facing Hamaan in her deadly Qubeley. I must admit, however,
> there is something special about Camille, a sort of subtle but solid
> unique to NTs.

    I think he has what it takes to be a leader in NT revolution. Of course,
he's never as good as Char, but I see he would play a major role in it...

> Some dodging or demonstration of superior piloting skills would be nice.
> Carnage definitely fails to do it for me.

    I see the effect is completely lost on you...

> Yes I have, thank you very much. There are about four decent-to-ace
pilots in
> AEUG and just about one with Kalaba. God knows what happened to the folks
> Axis...

    Didn't you know? Most of them went to AEUG, since they are fighting for
the rights for spacenoids. Most of the Axis crew are rookies, since most of
the veterans are either dead or at AEUG...

> Simply because the whole Zeon resistance is based on guerrilla warfare!
> however, does not mean those attacks are not as deadly. I'd rather know
> my enemy is coming from than living under constant fear of being sniped.

    I just mean that with guerrilla warfare, it's more about "personal
skills", not strategy type attacks. Don't you think that you wouldn't need
to worrying about the enemy leading you into an ambush in a guerrilla
warfare, do you?

> Again, I have watched CCA, thank you. Don't forget that long-range
weaponry has
> improved dramtically since the dawn of mobile suits. Considering that
> units in0083 carry crappy long-range weapons, melee fighting seems a lot
> effective. As dangerous as it may be, Delaz fleet pilots are no chickens
> the Feds.

    I don't know where you have been - throughout the UC timeline, close
range combat are avoided at all cost because by "spending time" getting
close to the target will certain give the target time to shoot at you.
Whether the weapon advance or not is not an issue here - it's how dumb
getting close to the target, since it's much easier to spot a closer enemy
and it's from afar...

> Then let me ask you this time, have you watched the fleet battle scenes
from the
> latter parts of Z, in which MSes simply fire at long-range randomly in
> SPACE? Nevertheless, I am not about to defend Kou for not at least
attempt to
> blast GP-02A from a decent range.

    I guess you miss the big argument about coverfire - most of the time,
those MS's role is to defend the warship, and anytime you have a
ship-to-ship battle, you want as much coverfire as possible...

> Most probably not according to the stats in an undisturbed dashing
> but who is prohibiting Gato from preventing GP-01FB to make a straight
> by firing GP-02A's vulcans?

    I am not talking about that - I am talking about playing "chicken" with
GP02A. Since it's obvious that GP02A cannot get away from GP01Fb, why don't
Kou try to get in a better position and shoot Gato? Gato can try running,
but it would just give the back to Kou for Kou to shoot him at...

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