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>Subject: Re: [gundam] What if..(Semi-humor)
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>> >>Now if we have an all-female Gundam team... not the
>> >>Shrike Team from V, but a Charlie's Angels type of asskickers...
>> >That's an interesting spin. But they couldn't be the

>> >like Mora,

Hey, I LIKED Mora! 

or that one red-head from 8th MS Team (the Gundam

>>pilot), that
>> >kind of stuff gets really old fast.


Well, this being an anime, it would have at least one.  As well as a cute girl who happens to be younger than everyone else, and either pilots the suppourt vehicle, or is just barely competent enough an MS pilot to warrant being on the team. 

>>Mora is not even a MS pilot. As for Karen Joshua being an
>>isn't she the only one in the team to lose a Gundam's head?
>>"There can be only one..."

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