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> > I like discussions on 0083 as well, simply because there are so many
>people who
> > would bash the seriousness of 0083. Kou is hardly a top ace pilot -- he
> > lucky to just make it into the ace level.
> Let's just say we gotta hand it to him just for the effort...
Yep, I think we should all be able to agree with that...
> > But didn't everyone go about praising how much magic Newtype abilities
> > making a good pilot? While having some fantasty-related phenonmena is
>good, it
> > saddens me to see how poorly they have been exaggerated and abused in
> > such as ZZ, which explains my favoring of 0083 -- realism!
> What about F91, original Gundam or even V, where Newtype ability has
>nothing been other than giving the pilot a better feel of the presense of
>the other pilot? If you call 0083's fighting realism, where Gato seems to
>thrive in close range combat all the time, then I guess I love ZZ's magic
>more since both doesn't make any sense. Even in Zeta, other than the last
>two or so episode, NT powers isn't really use as a trick or anything, and
>the fighting in there is much more realistic than the one in 0083...
> > That is why Kou deserves some credit in rising to the ace level within
>such a
> > short period of time.
> Actually, Kou didn't really show anything in their first meet except
>stupid he is...
He means over the course of Stardust. I think one of the main things he
learned was that real combat is different than the simulated fights and
skirmishes he engaged in as a Test Pilot.
> > I cannot but admit that Kou is not the wisest pilot of all. I defend on
> > behalf simply because the overwhelming amount of bashing him, which
>frankly he
> > does not deserve. I'd rather see people bashing Juudo or Katsu. As
>others have
> > pointed out, Kou might just as well be court-marshalled for recklessly
> > GP-01 out for combat in zero gravity, but then Albion was under serious
> > and some action is still better than none. The bottomline is, Kou was a
> > brainless rookie.
> Actually, you wouldn't see me defending Judo or Katsu... I prefer the
>type of pilot like Amuro or even the Camille in the later half of Zeta, who
>is much more aware of the situation and don't just go head on into
> > Having good "raw" piloting skills is definitely positive, so why should
> > him for being talented in the first place? Moreover, how is Kou
> > the other ace pilots mentioned here (except for Juudo, as he is not one)
> > learning how to curb his emotions? Kou did display increased restraints
>on his
> > behaviour towards the end of the story.
> You call that "restraints"? He should've shot Gato the first time he
>him in the colony, not talk to him and let Nina interfere. It doesn't
>how much talent he has (I think he's just average at best, maybe in the
>range of Emma in terms of piloting skill), he let's his emotion run into
>decision way too much, yet didn't really learn anything until after the
>whole thing is over...
True, but the important thing is that he *did* learn...
> > Given that Neue Ziel is the BEST unit in 0083, the fact that Kou almost
> > to tie with Gato shows that Kou is quite a formidable pilot.
> Actually, GP03D is better since it has a more diverse weapon
>If Kou hasn't been careless about the I-Field generator, Gato has no real
>chance of defeating Kou (almost all of Neue Ziel's weapons are beam
Actually, I attributed that more to Gato's skill and Kou's inexperience.
> > As mentioned in previous dialogues, the importance of being at home with
>an MS
> > is often overlooked in war tactics. A super unit is useless unless the
>pilot is
> > familiar with the strengths and weaknesses of the unit in achieving
> > worthy of the unit. While there is tremendous bias from the storyline
> > Kou in the Gundam's cockpit, him being green does play to his advantage,
>as he
> > is not too habituated with piloting other models. Other pilots onboard
> > however, might be too used to their GMs to efficiently "break into"
> That depends - They haven't been piloting the same GM throughout their
>career, you know. They are just lucky that Kou is actually good in GP01...
> > He is one hell of a pilot, to whom I have much respect. His
> > however, is far from agreeable. Camille is good because he has a lot of
> > with much freshness to offer for a NT community, as veteran NTs -- Amuro
> > Char -- are tired from their personal struggles. His constant display
> > greater potential makes him unique to his contemporaries. However,
>potential is
> > still potential, which has yet to be realized. Amuro and Char are quite
> > unmistakenly still better in terms of strictly maneuvering a unit than
> > who excels in his NT manifestations.
> Of course, in terms of pure piloting skill, Char and Amuro is the
>but if you take everything into account, Camille seems to be the best
>overall, assuming he didn't "lose his head" in combat with Sciroco. I see
>him as being in a similar role to Amuro, maybe a bit more since he seems to
>actually want to bring forth the NT revolution, unlike Amuro, who just want
>to stop Char or something...
> > No, far from it. Yet judging from his maneveurs after the NT flare
> > Camille wasn't exactly performing like an ace pilot in busting Yatzan.
>All NT
> > pilots are constantly using their NT abilities in combat, as it is
> > nature. But let's leave the super-robot aspect out of a
> > genre. Gundam ain't Dragonball.
> I think you completely miss the "point" of Yazzan's defeat - the
>want the audience to know that Camille is showing Yazzan that he shouldn't
>treat human life as carelessly as he has been. What better way to show it
>than to show it like this? To Camille, it's not a "duel" anymore...
> > In the absence of major military clashes, I find it hard to believe that
> > pilots have actually improved while Zion pilots are reduced to rookies.
> > all about the storyline being on the side of the Federation in 0087
> Did you watch Zeta? The role is pretty much reverse in some cases -
>Zion pilots joined AEUG, therefore they are the veteran pilots while Titans
>are consist of old veterans pilots and Rookies like Jerid.
> > Indeed Captain Snypase mentioned that in the initial stages of Albion's
> > pursuit. However, the later assaults from Delaz fleet are hardcore,
> > God knows why Gato did not directly pound Albion in order to clear his
> > once and for all. Besides, Albion's MS squad was seriously outnumbered,
> > especially towards the end of the pursuit. For that Alpha et al deserve
> > credit in successfully defending their mothership. They are, after all,
> I am not arguing their lack of skill - I am just saying it's not
>an organized attack that they were facing throughout the series...
> > students of a celebrated pilot. As for Camiile's case, I am not
> > of what is being said about organized assaults. The battle scenes in
> > productions (in terms of real time, not the UC timeline) are simply not
> > convincing enough.
> If you call 0083's fighting a "sign" of realism - did you watch CCA?
>Those fighting, other than Amuro vs Char, is what I call normal MS
>People don't just go close range all the time - it's way too dangerous...
I last saw CCA a LONG time ago, thus I've forgotten most of what happened in
it. What _was_ the combat like?

> > Because Kou is dumb! But seriously, the fact that the area was loaded
> > debris might have helped Gato in dodging beam shots. Also, GP-01FB
> > more agile, but GP-02A could very well win in a straight dash, with its
> > impressive array of thrusters. Anyway, Kou is dumb.
HEY! ^_^

> What makes it different from the fights in other UC timeline? There
>always debris everywhere. As for GP02A's "dashing" ability - do you really
>think it can outrun GP01Fb?
Not a chance.

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