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Wed, 13 Dec 2000 01:28:37

Okay, say if we took either Gundam Universe and:

(A)U.C.: Replaced the Earth Federation with the UESA/OZ/Romefeller

(B)A.C.: Replaced the Colony Rebels/White Fang/Barton Foundation with the
Duchy of Zeon

All Universal Predjudices aside(if they show up, the perpetrator gets
strapped to the God Gundam's Finger, which will be sent to spar with the
Altron.), who would win if they went to war?

Mobile Weapons
Zeon -- We should all know this by now
OZ -- Ditto(they also get the Virgo II and Serpent, since they were the ones
who designed them)

Analysis: Zeon definitely has the greater variety, but OZ handles some
aspects the Zeon failed to utilize fully. For simplicity's sake, tech
levels will be considered relative here.

Advantage: I'd say about even on ground, with Zeon having an advantage in
underwater designs and Mobile Armors, and OZ in space designs and the Mobile

Space Forces
Zeon -- Large fleet of space warships, heavily armed. "Solar Ray" Colony
Laser. Mobile Suit Forces. Use of Minovsky Partices.
OZ -- Unarmed Mobile Suit Carriers, Armed High-Speed carrier shuttles(like
the ones Zechs and Noin used) Heavy Missile Sattelites and Space Mines
stationed around the Colonies. Mobile Suit Forces, many of which can carry
heavy Beam Cannons.

Anylisis: OZ starts out with an advantage with the mines, but the Zeon
should be able to clear them out with light casualties. Minovsky Particle
scattering will wreak havok on the OZ forces, unless/until they start
developing countermeasures/using it themselves. With their guns, the Zeon
Navy has a distinct advantage, as long as they can keep Beam Cannon-Packing
Mobile Suits away from their ships.

Advantage: Zeon.

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