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> I like discussions on 0083 as well, simply because there are so many
people who
> would bash the seriousness of 0083. Kou is hardly a top ace pilot -- he
> lucky to just make it into the ace level.

    Let's just say we gotta hand it to him just for the effort...

> But didn't everyone go about praising how much magic Newtype abilities put
> making a good pilot? While having some fantasty-related phenonmena is
good, it
> saddens me to see how poorly they have been exaggerated and abused in
> such as ZZ, which explains my favoring of 0083 -- realism!

    What about F91, original Gundam or even V, where Newtype ability has
nothing been other than giving the pilot a better feel of the presense of
the other pilot? If you call 0083's fighting realism, where Gato seems to
thrive in close range combat all the time, then I guess I love ZZ's magic
more since both doesn't make any sense. Even in Zeta, other than the last
two or so episode, NT powers isn't really use as a trick or anything, and
the fighting in there is much more realistic than the one in 0083...

> That is why Kou deserves some credit in rising to the ace level within
such a
> short period of time.

    Actually, Kou didn't really show anything in their first meet except how
stupid he is...

> I cannot but admit that Kou is not the wisest pilot of all. I defend on
> behalf simply because the overwhelming amount of bashing him, which
frankly he
> does not deserve. I'd rather see people bashing Juudo or Katsu. As
others have
> pointed out, Kou might just as well be court-marshalled for recklessly
> GP-01 out for combat in zero gravity, but then Albion was under serious
> and some action is still better than none. The bottomline is, Kou was a
> brainless rookie.

    Actually, you wouldn't see me defending Judo or Katsu... I prefer the
type of pilot like Amuro or even the Camille in the later half of Zeta, who
is much more aware of the situation and don't just go head on into

> Having good "raw" piloting skills is definitely positive, so why should we
> him for being talented in the first place? Moreover, how is Kou different
> the other ace pilots mentioned here (except for Juudo, as he is not one)
> learning how to curb his emotions? Kou did display increased restraints
on his
> behaviour towards the end of the story.

    You call that "restraints"? He should've shot Gato the first time he see
him in the colony, not talk to him and let Nina interfere. It doesn't matter
how much talent he has (I think he's just average at best, maybe in the
range of Emma in terms of piloting skill), he let's his emotion run into his
decision way too much, yet didn't really learn anything until after the
whole thing is over...

> Given that Neue Ziel is the BEST unit in 0083, the fact that Kou almost
> to tie with Gato shows that Kou is quite a formidable pilot.

    Actually, GP03D is better since it has a more diverse weapon selection.
If Kou hasn't been careless about the I-Field generator, Gato has no real
chance of defeating Kou (almost all of Neue Ziel's weapons are beam

> As mentioned in previous dialogues, the importance of being at home with
an MS
> is often overlooked in war tactics. A super unit is useless unless the
pilot is
> familiar with the strengths and weaknesses of the unit in achieving
> worthy of the unit. While there is tremendous bias from the storyline to
> Kou in the Gundam's cockpit, him being green does play to his advantage,
as he
> is not too habituated with piloting other models. Other pilots onboard
> however, might be too used to their GMs to efficiently "break into" GP-01.

    That depends - They haven't been piloting the same GM throughout their
career, you know. They are just lucky that Kou is actually good in GP01...

> He is one hell of a pilot, to whom I have much respect. His "successor,"
> however, is far from agreeable. Camille is good because he has a lot of
> with much freshness to offer for a NT community, as veteran NTs -- Amuro
> Char -- are tired from their personal struggles. His constant display of
> greater potential makes him unique to his contemporaries. However,
potential is
> still potential, which has yet to be realized. Amuro and Char are quite
> unmistakenly still better in terms of strictly maneuvering a unit than
> who excels in his NT manifestations.

    Of course, in terms of pure piloting skill, Char and Amuro is the best,
but if you take everything into account, Camille seems to be the best
overall, assuming he didn't "lose his head" in combat with Sciroco. I see
him as being in a similar role to Amuro, maybe a bit more since he seems to
actually want to bring forth the NT revolution, unlike Amuro, who just want
to stop Char or something...

> No, far from it. Yet judging from his maneveurs after the NT flare kicks
> Camille wasn't exactly performing like an ace pilot in busting Yatzan.
All NT
> pilots are constantly using their NT abilities in combat, as it is simply
> nature. But let's leave the super-robot aspect out of a
> genre. Gundam ain't Dragonball.

    I think you completely miss the "point" of Yazzan's defeat - the creator
want the audience to know that Camille is showing Yazzan that he shouldn't
treat human life as carelessly as he has been. What better way to show it
than to show it like this? To Camille, it's not a "duel" anymore...

> In the absence of major military clashes, I find it hard to believe that
> pilots have actually improved while Zion pilots are reduced to rookies.
> all about the storyline being on the side of the Federation in 0087

    Did you watch Zeta? The role is pretty much reverse in some cases - some
Zion pilots joined AEUG, therefore they are the veteran pilots while Titans
are consist of old veterans pilots and Rookies like Jerid.

> Indeed Captain Snypase mentioned that in the initial stages of Albion's
> pursuit. However, the later assaults from Delaz fleet are hardcore,
> God knows why Gato did not directly pound Albion in order to clear his
> once and for all. Besides, Albion's MS squad was seriously outnumbered,
> especially towards the end of the pursuit. For that Alpha et al deserve
> credit in successfully defending their mothership. They are, after all,

    I am not arguing their lack of skill - I am just saying it's not really
an organized attack that they were facing throughout the series...

> students of a celebrated pilot. As for Camiile's case, I am not entirely
> of what is being said about organized assaults. The battle scenes in post
> productions (in terms of real time, not the UC timeline) are simply not
> convincing enough.

    If you call 0083's fighting a "sign" of realism - did you watch CCA?
Those fighting, other than Amuro vs Char, is what I call normal MS fighting.
People don't just go close range all the time - it's way too dangerous...

> Because Kou is dumb! But seriously, the fact that the area was loaded
> debris might have helped Gato in dodging beam shots. Also, GP-01FB might
> more agile, but GP-02A could very well win in a straight dash, with its
> impressive array of thrusters. Anyway, Kou is dumb.

    What makes it different from the fights in other UC timeline? There are
always debris everywhere. As for GP02A's "dashing" ability - do you really
think it can outrun GP01Fb?

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