Graham Belmont (
Tue, 12 Dec 2000 18:05:07 -0600

>Ricky Lai wrote:
> > Ridiculous mis-aiming aside, given GB-Tetra's amazing agility, a slight
>push to the side would have allowed the unit to roll off GP-03D's mega beam
>rifle. Cima just had to die for the storyline's
> > sake.
>Um, the MS was IMPALED on the cannon. didn't you see all the atmosphere
>escaping? She was doomed. As far as accuracy goes, just cause the animators
>only showed one of Cima's shots hitting doesn't mean
>that's all that hit. Obviously kou was worried enough to use the big gun.
>---Brett Jensen

Yeah, and keep in mind how stressed Kou was at the time. Flying sortie after
sortie is bound to wear you out. Had I been in his position, I'd have shot
her twice for good measure.

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