Graham Belmont (
Tue, 12 Dec 2000 17:58:16 -0600

> >>Now if we have an all-female Gundam team... not the drop-like-flies
> >>Shrike Team from V, but a Charlie's Angels type of asskickers...
> >That's an interesting spin. But they couldn't be the stereotypical
> >like Mora, or that one red-head from 8th MS Team (the Gundam pilot), that
> >kind of stuff gets really old fast.
>Mora is not even a MS pilot. As for Karen Joshua being an asskicker...
>isn't she the only one in the team to lose a Gundam's head?
>"There can be only one..."

Yeah, but that can hardly count against her. That suit just came outta
nowhere, but she still managed to nail it, with a little help of course.
Kinda makes you wonder how deep the water is by the shoreline.

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