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Hi Gus! My name is Abet (Hello Abet). i really haven't been on the stuff that long, but people are really starting to notice the symptoms. Let me see, I guess it started when I was around six or seven. These TV pushers were selling this "StarBlazers" stuff and I tred it out. A few years later I was smoking this new brand called "Macross". I didn't even understand the stuff, but at such a young age, I just had to compulsion to keep on watching! When I was in college, I thought I already outlived the stuff, then some jerk got me to take this "Macross" stuff again, along with something he promised was even better... the "real" stuff called "Gundam". Here in the Philippines, the old Gundam is really hard to find. You have to make shady connections and shell out some bucks. It got really serious...up until I graduated. My rock band is already calling me weirder than usual that I actually suggested we play JApanese songs in a gig...but you guys understand right? I've fought the plas!
tic addiction however, but, its only a matter of time, I mean... Christmas and all.

"Dete Unakereba, Yararenakatta no ni!"
On Tue, 12 Dec 2000 16:05:09  
 Echo|Fox wrote:
>Hi Gus!
>My name is Nicholas (Hello Nicholas). I'm from Edmonton, and I am a
>Gundamholic. I'd made it through the first 18 years of my life without ever
>touching that anime stuff, especially the "Gundam" stuff all my friends told
>me about. One day, though, I decided to give it a try? What harm could it
>do? I could stop any time I wanted!
>Words cannot describe how wrong I was. After being smitten by 0083, 0080,
>and Wing fansubs, I became little more than a junkie. I would do anything to
>get my Gundam fix.  When I couldn't get any more episodes, I turned to music
>... when that ran dry, on to action figures, and soon I was into models! But
>that wasn't good enough ... in my crazed efforts, I actually begain painting
>models, too! Now I wasn't just addicted to Gundam, I was a Gunpla fanatic.
>Soon I was running a Gundam website, using a Gundam e-mail address ....
>where would it end?
>But now, thanks to all of you in the GA, I've learned to control my
>addiction. I'm proud to say I can watch Gundam like a normal human being
>again, and thank Goddess Bandai is releasing First Gundam next year. Their
>generous efforts towards us addicts will make life an awful lot more
>liveable, as we'll no longer need to turn to dirty, street traded 7th
>generation fansubs ... who knows what they'd do to our VCR's!
>If we all stick together, we can persevere!
>Nicholas "Echo|Fox" Paufler
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>> Hi,
>> My name is Gus (Hello Gus), I am from Boston, and I am a Gundamholic.  I
>> have been a Gundamholic since the beginning.
>> I recently realized that 20 out of the 30 years of my life, there really
>> hasn't been one day that I did not think about Gundam, outta than my
>> day... and that took a lot of effort!!
>> My favorite drink is UC straight up, though I on occasion like it on the
>> rocks, like 0083 or the 08 Team :)  Sometimes I even like it a little
>> cheesy, like the first half of ZZ.
>> I have also been known to experimenting with the new stuff on the menu to
>> with my drinks, like that Wing thing... but I like it a little more on the
>> hot side, like that one with the EW sauce, makes experimenting worth
>> Anyway, my big kick is sniffing glu... I mean building models. :P
>> Love them all, and have the scars and stitches to prove it!!
>> Ok, enough about me, how about you?
>> Gus
>> gusjae@channel1.com
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