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There are similarities but not carbon copies. The cello and violins on track
14 you state was not done first by Williams. This set of notes is common is
classical circles. The imperial March claim is also similar But NOT exact.
Your claims of carbon copies has not been proven. Also If you want to cite
ripping off. Williams does it with classical composers all the time. I.E.
Shostakovitch (who is also a Wagnerian composer) and also Franz Lizt. There
are way too many composers to list that Williams uses to spice up his
soundtracks. You will find that almost all the ring cycle and some of
Trisian and Isolde used through the star wars series.

Scott Alexander Frantz

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<< I hear this accusation all the time, but no one has been able to show
 concrete proof such as CD time comparison or citing the actual passage
 that were "blatantly ripped."

 Just because John Williams and F91's composer ripped of the same guy
 (Wagner) and Williams got famous for that style with Star Wars first
 doesn't make him an original...

 Eddie >>

Yes, Williams' music is in the "Wagnerian" style, but what I am talking
is blatant, almost note for note rip-off of score.

Compare track 14 (0:43-1:17) of the F91 soundtrack to "Hyperspace" from The
Empire Strikes Back. Also track 6 (0:49-2:00) is practically a carbon copy
The Imperial March.


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