Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Tue, 12 Dec 2000 03:02:00 -0800

>>Just wondering whether anyone would be interested in seeing original US
>>Gundam comics or novels. I think it would be fascinating to see American
>>creators' take on Gundam, and comics or novels would be considerably easier
>>and less expensive to produce than animation or live-action. Who would
>>people like to see working on Gundam?
>Sounds too much like published fanfiction. ^_^ Well, I would have to say
>that I wouldn't like the idea...simply because I don't think Gundam should
>be drawn by American artists. The art style is far too different, and for
>the story, I'm afraid the majority of artists and script writers wouldn't
>"get" Gundam - I'm not saying they would mangle it, just misinterpret it
>badly (through no fault of their own, of course)

That didn't stop the Japanese from making their own Spiderman manga series...


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