Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Tue, 12 Dec 2000 02:52:31 -0800

>Echo|Fox wrote:
>> Shrug.
>> I don't hate it, but there are a few more than annoying things about it. The
>> tacked on love subplot was horribly handled,
>I still say 08th MS teams is just as cheezy, yet people don't slam it.

0083 was at least entertaining. Can't say the same thing about 08th MS Team
until the last 2 episodes.

>> the whole Titans wiping out all
>> knowledge of the Gundam development project was kinda toolie, and really,
>Sidestorys by their very nature require that kind of thing.

Not to mention if people believe in UFOs and aliens, then government
conspiracy to wipe out all evidence of their existence is basically a given.

>> Kou is a pretty horrid character ... I only dislike the Wing boys more.
>He's a dork, no doubt, but he was written as a dork. there aren't any glaring
>inconsistancies in the way he's written that yell "I'm a badly written

For someone people hate so much, he's been hogging the spotlight from just
about every other Gundam character. ;)

>I don't however Give Bandai much
>credit...I fear more alterations to UC material like those made to the recent
>"Gundam Battle Assault" game.

Scary thought, indeed!


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