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<< I'm _terribly_ impressed.
 When I was watching F91 I sorta liked the music, it fit the mood of the show
 quite well, but I'm listening to a few tracks from the OST in MP3 form right
 now and they're great ... easily the best Gundam music I've heard to date.
 Feels a lot like Star Wars/John Williams at times (sometimes blatantly) but
 it's a great listen. I've listened to a lot of anime OST's, but only a
 fraction of those are CD's I've enjoyed listening to outside of the anime
 ... notable ones would be anything by Yoko Kanno, the Nadesico OST's,
 Kenshin OST's, the Gasaraki OST, and, of course, Bubblegum Crisis. The is
 the first Gundam OST to rank up there, IMHO.
 Guess I'm going to have to hunt down this CD and buy it. >>

F-91's music is terribly derivative and its practically note-for-note
rip-offs of The Empire Strikes Back (probably the greatest action score of
all time) are really annoying.

If you want to hear some real kick ass GUNDAM MUSIC that you can really crank
up, I suggest you check out Shigeaki Saegusa's score for CHAR'S

I still get chills up my spine listening to Track #7: NU GUNDAM


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