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 Emma wrote:
>0079 : I know it is an old anime with old style
>drawing, lack in many things. Some of their potential
>characters looks awful..ex: Mirai Yashima, Kai Shiden,
>Hayato Kobayashi..

IMHO I dont think they're outdated at all, but I do see some Leiji Matsumoto in many of the old Yaz designs. All the better for me because they give the characters a sense of identity, something lost in today's anime designs.
>0080 : I should say compare to the other gundam series
>it has unique style especially for eyes, eyebrow and

I wouldn't use the word "unique" here, because these are Mikimoto designs (MAcross, Orguss...). Still, I'm a big fan of his...

>Zeta: Improvements has been made especially for
>female characters. Amuro and Char look better than
>their appereance in 0079.
They should. Amuro was little more than a snot nosed kid in 0079. As for the women, yaz just used more hair color, but overall, I'd say its still Yaz.

>Double Zeta : Nothing change. It still has the same
>style with Zeta.

>Chars Counterattack: I saw a lot of improvement
>again. If I hadnt watched Zeta perhaps I would be
>surprised to see how different Amuro look.. and that
>was the first time I saw Bright Noah with perfect
>eyes. Not only with that black dot under the eyelid.
This is a movie after all. Anyway, Amuro (likein Zeta) grew up again. Char lost the wavy hair ( maybe straight hair swept back with gel was "in" in the late eighties... wait a minute... it was!)

>0083 : one of the best, IMO! Proportional. They seem
>like real human.
Believe it or not, this comes from the designer of 08th MS team and the Golden Boy
series' Toshihiro Kawamoto. I've always admired his designs, and 0083 is the most unique of all his popular works. I mean, 08, Cowboy Bebop and Golden Boy screamed Kawamoto, but 0083 is different. Very tasteful.

>Wing : ..their face are made to attract girls, what
>can I say? Not bad.Well,except for some of the main
>characters hair..^^
Typical bishonen. Like I said about 0079, not much identity. Anyway, all bishonen look alike...

>F91 : this is I should said...the best ive ever seen
>in Gundam. Good character design with more human

Yaz again. I still say they resemble everybody in the old UC series, but this one was just more refined. Credit it to better animation techniques.

>08th ms team: typical of anime which is made for
>teenagers :big eyes, VERY expressive. Reminds me of
>dirty pair flash, tenchi muyo, etc. Im a little
Contemporary Kawamoto design.
>Since I havent watched V, G, X, and TAG. I cant make
>any opinion about them but perhaps any of you would
>like to make comments.

I forgot the designer for V-Gundam, but it reminds me a little of W.

G-Gundam designs are AWESOME! I don't remember the designer's name, but these characters have aura and identity.

GX characters... more bishonen types, reminiscent of Wing...

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