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> I'm kind of confused as to the exact lineage of this mecha. Is it officially
> called the Efreet, or just a bridge between the Gouf and the Dom, as the MSV
> description of it seems to state? Also the MSV pic and the Efreet don't
> really match up...argh...total confusion!

It's officially called the Efreet AND it's intended to be more than a Gouf but
less than a Dom.

It originally appeared in a computer video game called Mobile Suit Gundam Cross
Dimension 0079, where it was the villain MS opposing the RX-78XX Gundam Pixie.
Here are the specs:

Unit Type: mobile suit
Overall Height: 18.1 meters
Head Height: 17.2 meters
Base Weight: 59.4 tons
Power Generator Output: 1072 kW
Rocket Thrusters: 62000 kg total
Armament: 42 mm shotgun x 1, heat saber x 1, smoke discharger x 4

A much more villainous looking variant was the villain in another computer video
game, Mobile Suit Gundam Side Story Blue Destiny:

Unit Type: mobile suit
Head Height: 17.2 meters
Base Weight: 59.4 tons
Armament: arm grenade, leg missile pod x 2, homing missile, heat saber x 2, EXAM

For an attempt at illustrating an actual bridge between the Gouf and Dom, look
for the YMS-08 High Mobility Prototype in the Kunio Ohkawara Mobile Suit
Variations (MSV) series.

As usual, all specifications courtesy of Burke Rukes' Mecha Domain.


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