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Mon, 11 Dec 2000 19:03:04 -0800 (PST)

Hi!I hope this topic hasnít came up yet. Iím thinking
about the evolution of Gundam character design.. My
opinions here are based on their character design, not
the story :

0079 : I know it is an old anime with old style
drawing, lack in many things. Some of their potential
characters looks awful..ex: Mirai Yashima, Kai Shiden,
Hayato Kobayashi..
0080 : I should say compare to the other gundam series
it has unique style especially for eyes, eyebrow and
lips. Christina look younger than her age, so does
Bernie (babyface)..
Zeta: Improvements has been made especially for
female characters. Amuro and Char look better than
their appereance in 0079.
Double Zeta : Nothing change. It still has the same
style with Zeta.
Charís Counterattack: I saw a lot of improvement
again. If I hadnít watched Zeta perhaps I would be
surprised to see how different Amuro look.. and that
was the first time I saw Bright Noah with perfect
eyes. Not only with that black dot under the eyelid.
0083 : one of the best, IMO! Proportional. They seem
like real human.
Wing : ..their face are made to attract girls, what
can I say? Not bad.Well,except for some of the main
characterís hair..^^
F91 : this is I should said...the best iíve ever seen
in Gundam. Good character design with more human
expression, and donít forget about the colors( I still
remember the light and colors of Cecily Fairchildís
08th ms team: typical of anime which is made for
teenagers :big eyes, VERY expressive. Reminds me of
dirty pair flash, tenchi muyo, etc. Iím a little

Since I havenít watched V, G, X, and TAG. I canít make
any opinion about them but perhaps any of you would
like to make comments.

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