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Mon, 11 Dec 2000 08:55:05 -0600

Graham Belmont wrote:

> LOL! Where'd you find this at?

There used to be (still is?) a parody group called Seishun Shitemasu productions. they
were responsible for the infamous "Ranma 1/3 notes from the closet", as well as the
hilarious "Robotech 3.1: not nessisarily the sentinals," and "Voltron: Hell bent for
leather". "UC 0069 the Jion years" was the last one of their parodies that I saw. They
used to show them at "Midnight madness" at anime expo.

If they are still around you could probably send in for tapes. Call me a lowbrow but I
love that stuff. ^_^

---Brett Jensen

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