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Mon, 11 Dec 2000 08:44:38 -0600

Michael Wong x4241 wrote:

> Superhero fetish?!? I don't think I quite remember that one, but the ones with
> her whole family, the 2 girls, the female punk rocker, her cross-dressing
> brother, and especially the one where they switched personality by having the
> "be-all end-all" orgasms simultaneously are indeed pretty funny. How many
> episodes were there anyway?? I think I've seen like 6 to 8 of them...

It's been a real long time but, The guy dressed like mouse man, (think Batman) and
he could only get off with a woman dressed like his arch nemesis cat woman. I dunno
how many eps there are. my friend had two LDs, so thats all I've seen.

---Brett Jensen

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