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Paul Fields wrote:
> > > Burning had a GM Custom... Same as Monsha's from the Deul
> > > episode. The Powered was the one the Zakus couldn't catch in
> > > the opening scenes, with the orange parts on it.
> > >
> > IIRC wasn't Kou's Zaku the one that pretty much faired the best out of
> > the three?
> Kou did the best, but Keith had some bad luck with the
> terrain... You'll notice even then with all Zakus being the
> same, Kou took bigger risks than Keith.

i think that's called being aggressive ^_^
> In Africa when Monsha pushes Kou into action, he could
> have used the beam, rifle to pick off the opposition, but to
> jump up above them paid off big, but was too risky.
> He ought to have sniped them from the trench, they didn't
> have cover, and any solid hit with the rifle would have the
> desired deadly effect.

but how? he'd have to elevate himself and the beam-rifle somehow to take
those snipeing shots, and just pokeing the barrel over the lip might not
be as accurate and i don't think Beam rifles have enough blasts to start
fireing blind
> Jumping up is really fast, but he wouldn't fall back to earth
> as fast, and if the enemy lived, he'd be in a bad position to
> oppose them.
> Paul

yes but while the Zaku's and doms were raising their aim at the flying
Gundam they were sitting ducks for the GM custom and cannon to pop out
of the trench later, wich is exactly what Monsha expected when he
ordered Kou to get busy
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