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You could say it was suggestive. ^_^ she played the nurse of a sex therapist and
they took a very "ahem' hands on approach to their work. She would act like a
full-on Dominatrix if the case required it. OC is one of the funnier H shows,
especially the part with the guy who had a superhero fetish. ^_^

---Brett Jensen

Edmund Chiu wrote:

> Probably not as memorable as her role as the step-mother of the main
> character in a pretty unknown game called Yu-No, which is a port of a H game
> (in case you don't know what H means - let's just say it's not for people
> under 18...) from the computer. It's probably as close to a real H game on
> Saturn as you would ever see. I didn't watch Ogenki clinic so I don't know
> what she said in there, but in Yu-no, some of the stuff she said is really
> "suggestive"... As far as I remember, that's the only H title game I have
> seen her name on...
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