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Mon, 11 Dec 2000 19:15:09 -0500

Edward Ju wrote:

> >Oh come on. Bandai (or Tatsunoko, I cant remember who it was originally)
> >was stupid enough to
> >grant HG the license for Macross and all Macross-related products in the
> >US in perpetuity. HG
> >is simply defending its rights.
> Hmm... how would their rights be infringed upon, if Toycom wanted to pay
> them a piece of the action for the toys' release in the U.S.?

Well that may be just what is being worked out. If HG hadnt raised the issue, they
wouldnt have gotten anything from Toycom.

> >Yes, HG has basically sat on its ass for 10-odd years. However, the fact
> >that they're using
> >their legal rights on Macross products now should tell you something.
> They smell hard cold cash like a shark smells blood? ;)

True, but there was hard cold cash to be gotten from Macross II & Macross Plus. The
simple fact is that they are returning to the Robotech franchise and need to secure
their rights.


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