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Mon, 11 Dec 2000 17:57:43 -0600

Paul Fields wrote:
> Sorry folks only 2 Powered GM were built, both were seen dead
> on the tarmac at Torrington base...
> > > > I believe we aren't argue about that - we are arguing why is Kou
> > dumb
> > > > enough to use a GP01 in combat, when he could've use the powered GM,
> Burning had a GM Custom... Same as Monsha's from the Deul
> episode. The Powered was the one the Zakus couldn't catch in
> the opening scenes, with the orange parts on it.
> Paul
IIRC wasn't Kou's Zaku the one that pretty much faired the best out of
the three?


"He's a God, it'll take more than one shot."
     -Lady Eboshi, 'Princess Mononoke'

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