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> My fave Seiyuu. I think I'll search for that game.

    Wish you luck - that game is pretty old and you probably won't just find
it anywhere...

> Too bad she wasn't on the Ah Megamisama schchau...(SD) shown 2years ago @
WowoW. I think it wasn't her who did a voice-over on Belldandy.

    She did the voice for the later episodes - she was having the baby
during the beginning of the series, but she did the voice later (don't know
exactly when...)

> Also IIRC she was the Narrator & Seiyuu of Electra @ ,,,,SC,fifffBfA/
Fushigi no Umi no Nadia/ Nadia of the Mysterious Seas aka Secret of Blue

    I know she did a lot of different voices, but Belldandy and Kasumi is
probably the most memorable role for the fans. In case you wanted to know,
she will also be in the game, Sakura Taisen 3, although her character is
definitely not the role she is used to play (she play a convict, in case you
are wondering)...

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