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Paul Fields writes,

>Why Mark, going Bandai native on us... a friend on mine noticed that all the
>Gundam stats kept shrinking as the UC timeline went on until the Victory MS
>were really tiny, but almost all of the Gundams had the same 60mm vulcan
>headcannons, reguardless of the fact 60's probably wouldn't fit in
>progressively smaller heads... ;)

  I don't think 60mm was specified in the later series, actually. And
I've never accepted that even the full-sized Gundams really have multi-
barrel 60mm guns in their heads - that's like a human having .24-caliber,
rapid-fire six-shooters in his temples!

  As for the size... the weird thing is that the Gundams actually get
_bigger_ up to Char's Counterattck. The RX-78 stands 18 meters tall, the
Z and ZZ are a couple centimeters short of 20 meters, and the Nu Gundam
is 22 meters tall (though height lineups published early in the planning
process list it as 20 meters - evidently the height increase was a last-
minute decision). Once Gundam F91 resets the heights to 15 meters, they
start inching up again through each successive alternate-universe show.
Like so...

  RX-78: 18.0 meters
  RX-178: 18.5 meters
  MSZ-006: 19.85 meters <- an homage to Z Gundam's debut year
  MSZ-010: 19.86 meters <- ditto
  MSA-0011: 21.73 meters <- the S Gundam is almost as tall as the Nu!
  RX-93: 22.0 meters

  F90: 14.8 meters
  F90II: 15.1 meters
  F91: 15.2 meters
  LM312V04: 15.2 meters
  LM314V21: 15.5 meters <- V2 is the last & tallest of UC Gundams

  GF13-017NJ: 16.2 meters
  GF13-017NJII: 16.6 meters <- God Gundam 0.4 meters taller than Shining...
  XXXG-01W: 16.3 meters
  XXXG-00W0: 16.7 meters <- ...and Wing Zero 0.4 meters taller than Wing
  GX-9900: 17.1 meters
  GX-9901-DX: 17.0 meters <- Double X is actually shorter than X!

  If you plug in other series in roughly the order of production, they
fit this general pattern. For example, the Crossbone Gundam is 15.9
meters tall; though the story is set before V Gundam, the comic debuted
after, so it comes "later" in the series. G-Saviour and Turn A, the
latest productions, push the bar back up to the 20-meter mark. So in
theory, the next Gundam series will have mobile suits as big as the ones
in Char's Counterattack!

-- Mark

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