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> Well, I think the obsession was more on the mission itself than just Gato.
> I'll have to find my 00873 tape agin to be sure, but I never saw him as
> being too obsessed about Gato himself, unless said Zeon ace was around.

    But the mission is to stop Gato - in his mind, Gato started the whole
thing by stealing GP02A, not to mention actually complete most of the plan
without Kou being able to stop him. When he talk with Nina after GP01Fb was
destroyed, he clearly is mad with Gato and want to settle the score with
him. I am not sure if it's just me, but I thought it was pretty evident that
the major reason why Kou went on the mission in the first place is to "stop"

> You misread me. I was speaking of the Delaz Fleet being veterans.

    I know, and I am not arguing about that - I am just saying that other
than Kou, the Albion crew never did fight any "organized" attacks like the
crews in various Gundam TV shows...

> Actually, when he gets out there, he actually does pretty well, except
> he battled Gato, in which the saying of Age and Treachery defeating Youth
> and Enthusiasm comes into play.

    Of course he does well - he's in a state-of-the-war MS (or MA, in the
case of GP03D) throughout the series. Most of the enemies were seriously
outclassed by the MS he piloted, except for Gato's. I think his desire to
stop Gato is making him perform at less than his potential ability.

> And again, I never saw any obsession with Gato.

    It's sort of the same thing between Char and Amuro - at least to me...

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