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> True, he did(foolishly, I must admit) go out into space combat with a
> suit that not only wasn't quite built right for space combat, but the data
> it did have was intentionally wrong(remember, Mora and Nina were
> this earlier) He still manages to take out a Gelgoog Marine, though,
> Cima came to beat on his ass.

    That was because that pilot was "sleeping" - even Cima comment on it...

> That's right. _Later._ This is important. You see, the events in 0083
> ALL the combat experience he _ever_ had, unless he had some action
> later on during the Grypps War. Remember, he started out as a little
> 19-year-old freshman Ensign testing Mobile Suit Systems(as an
> agressor/target) out in the boondocks-with-a-big-hole-in-it that is UC
> Australia whenever the White Dingos aren't around. All of a sudden, the
> brass decide to send a carrier containing two Gundams over there to pick
> a Nuke. Gato makes his move while Kou just happens to be in the area, and
> suddenly, he finds himself in the middle of what is basically the last
> offensive by the remaining forces of the Duchy of Zeon.

    I don't see it as that much different from how Camille and Amuro learn
from it. What I don't like about Kou is his "obession" in defeating Gato - I
don't think the other Gundam pilots demonstrate something similar to that
(of course, you have Camille and Judo fighting someone they don't want to
fight, but that's a bit different). It's this obession that make him
careless and reckless, and it did eventually lead to his "defeat" by Gato.
What I don't understand is how come he still didn't learn from his "defeat"
by Gato in his GP01Fb - he just keep on "banging" ahead, without even
thinking about it. It is this attitude that make him so unlikable, not to
mention the fact that he basically fail almost everything he wanted to do
(recapture GP02A, stop the colony drop, defeat Gato)...

> Well, considering where the comments are coming from, that means he is
> definitely up there.

    Well, you won't find much support on this board on this one...

> That was before Stardust. He means during the Colony Drop. Gato was
> punking those persuit fleet ships that had not been out-maneuvered by
> and the rest of the fleet was waiting off by the Solar System. The Albion
> was the only one that was actively persuing a fleet composed entirely of
> combat veterans from the One Year War.

    But Albion is really far from the action - only GP03D actually made it
to the heat of the battleground, right? Isn't Keith and Kou rookies? So I
wouldn't call the crew of Albion consist of entire OYW veterans. For most
part in the anime, the Albion is basically on the sideline, with Kou getting
majority of the action...

> So the fact that he was fighting one of the best pilots from the one Year
> War had nothing to do with it. While I admit that Kou does make the
> rookie mistake of losing control of his emotions, mainly because he IS a
> rookie, but that does not make him a bad pilot.

    I think you miss my point - Kou is really obessed with defeating Gato,
hence making him reckless, unlike most rookie mistakes that happen DURING
battle. Even before Kou engage in battle, he's already made up his mind to
go head-on to defeat Gato. He is a bit like Katsu in Zeta Gundam, who seems
to think as long as he make up his mind about it, he can defeat anybody...

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