Mon, 11 Dec 2000 14:35:40 EST

Hey Mark,

Great job on all the MS pics at Gundam Project, I love the uniform style. The
 RX-78-NT-1 is great. I noticed that you drew it by itself, with the rifle,
and then in with the Full Armor (FA), but you didn't draw it with the rifle
AND SHIELD. Any chance you will include the NT-1 with its shield in a future


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<< >New pics of the GP-01 and GP-02a are up at Gundam Project. Good job
>But I must say that the proportions of the GP-02a seem dangerously close to
>the 1/144 scale kit. The head just seems a little fat.
   True, but I wanted to use the same set of proportions for the whole RX-
 78 family. The original Gundam's head looks a little small, the GP02's
 head looks a little big, but on the whole I think it's a reasonable
 compromise... and certainly more plausible than giving every version of
 the Gundam a different-sized head. ;-)
 -- Mark >>

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