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>Subject: [gundam] Kou Uraiki [was: Gundam 0083]
> Sometimes I just love discussion on 0083 - there are enough people who
>keep on insisting Kou is much better, when I think he's just "average" at
>the ace level at best...
> > That would be a rather wild assumption... Given that Gundams from later
> > dates such as Mk-II and Z are supposedly superior in technology, their
> > subsequent pilots (e.g. respectively Eli and Roux from ZZ) only faired
> I take it you mean Elle and Roux, right? You have to remember that
>receive no formal training, while Roux probably receive minimal training at
>best, unlike Kou or Keith, who have been trained for MS combating...
> > as mediocre pilots. What Kou demonstrated, however, was some solid
> > eye-widening improvements, impressive enough for the queen bitch Cima
> > Garahau, whose comment I will revisit below. Bear in mind, though, that
> You have to keep in mind that during their first meeting, Kou isn't
>really a shining example of piloting, so Cima probably consider him just
>your typical inexperience Fed pilot...
> > being "at home" with the unit is no less crucial that the performance of
> > the unit itself. Cima was deadly in her customed Gelgoog Marine because
> > it has been her unit for long, to which she is fully accustomed. As for
> > a rookie such as Kou back in his first flight under zero gravity, he
> > simply cannot adjust to both the unit (which has not been calibrated for
> > space combat) and zero gravity at the same time, especially during a
> > real battle.
> I believe we aren't argue about that - we are arguing why is Kou dumb
>enough to use a GP01 in combat, when he could've use the powered GM, where
>it should be a better example of how he would pilot in space for the first
>time, instead of Kou being lucky to be alive after fighting Cima...
True, he did(foolishly, I must admit) go out into space combat with a mobile
suit that not only wasn't quite built right for space combat, but the data
it did have was intentionally wrong(remember, Mora and Nina were discussing
this earlier) He still manages to take out a Gelgoog Marine, though, before
Cima came to beat on his ass.
> > It was measured against none other than Burning's expertise. Recall
> > that Kou replied to Burning's commendation by saying that it was
> > GP-01FB's superior performance that nailed Burning's GM in a simulated
> > combat, to which Burning responded by saying that it takes tremedous
> > skills to pilot a Gundam well. With years of experience and proven
> > ability (as tesitifed by Cima -- another ace pilot), there is little
> > reason to doubt Burning's assessment.
> He's just talking about Kou's "raw piloting skills", not his overall
>piloting skills. He's way too emotional to be a really good ace pilot -
>Camille, Judo and Amuro or Gato, all the great ace pilots, don't let his
>emotions run wild during combat (at least they learn that later).

That's right. _Later._ This is important. You see, the events in 0083 are
ALL the combat experience he _ever_ had, unless he had some action elsewhere
later on during the Grypps War. Remember, he started out as a little
19-year-old freshman Ensign testing Mobile Suit Systems(as an
agressor/target) out in the boondocks-with-a-big-hole-in-it that is UC
Australia whenever the White Dingos aren't around. All of a sudden, the EF
brass decide to send a carrier containing two Gundams over there to pick up
a Nuke. Gato makes his move while Kou just happens to be in the area, and
suddenly, he finds himself in the middle of what is basically the last major
offensive by the remaining forces of the Duchy of Zeon.

>during the whole series, Kou has been using a Gundam, which is pretty much
>better than almost all of the units the Zion used in the series except for
>Neue Zuel, so anything he "achieve", be it good comments or what not, can
>"blamed" on the superior MS. The only reason why Kou is still the pilot of
>GP01Fb when Burning is healthy is because Kou is getting used to the Gundam
>and asking him to change MS in the heat of battle would not be a good idea.
>All of the other pilots onboard hasn't been exposed to such a "good" MS,
>since Kou has basically been "growing up" inside the Gundam, it just make
>sense for him to do well in it. If we just take comments by ace pilot as
>proof, then Camille should be the best pilot of them all, since both Char
>and Amuro give him great comments...
Well, considering where the comments are coming from, that means he is
definitely up there.
> > The initial reference was made to the second time when Cima and Kou met
> > on the battlefield, when Albion came to defend Birmingham from "an enemy
> > threat." In pursuing the revamped GP-01, Cima exclaimed her disbelief
> > in the Gundam pilot's improvement. Again, an assessment from an ace
> > pilot does carry some weight; just as people believing that graduates
> > from good colleges are a cut above others, simply because they were
> > assessed by an "ace" in academia.
> See above - Kou set such a low "standard" when they first met it's no
>surprised that Cima think he improves a lot, since Kou is actually
>performing up to his usual "standard".
Except that it wasn't as much of a "wow, he improved!" as a "what the
> > Camille is definitely one of the better pilots from his era, but as for
> > those from the ZZ series... In any case, none of the Gundam pilots have
> > not "reacted with anger and rage." Recall Camille's response to
> > Yatzan's cruelty on the battlefield. Not only did Zeta turn invincible
> > to beam shots (God knows why...), Camille managed to magically turn a
> > regular-sized beam saber into a mighty divider (again, God knows where
> > all that power came from) that cut Yatzan's Hambarabi into two halves!
> > Now we know what to do when an electric generator breaks down: just put
> > an angry Camille next to the generator and it will give out extreme
> > outputs -- enough to generate a monster beam saber!
> I get it - if a Newtype pilot use his newtype powers on his enemy,
>the Newtype pilot isn't that good, right? If I remember correctly, Camille
>has been using Zeta Gundam, which is at par with the other MS that appear
>during that time period at best (I am talking about the ace unit that most
>ace pilot use, not the mass production ones), and he has been surviving and
>killing his targets left and right (when he's not distracted, that is).
>Camille was distracted because one of his friend is killed (or gravely
>injuried) right in front of his eyes, so I think it make sense for him to
>angry, angry enough to trigger the bio-sensor to do those things. Does that
>mean that Camille cannot defeat Yazzan without using it? We don't know, but
>we all know that Camille can fight with the best of them all the time.
> > Good! Zion pilots are simply better!
> They had more experience, yes, but that changed in the era of Zeta and
>ZZ, since all pilots then have more experience.
> > Even if the MS team from Albion are just as good by fending off repeated
> > assaults from the Delaz fleet in Albion's solo pursuit of the colony?
> Didn't the captain mentioned something about those "assaults", where
>most of them are just "stray" troops that wanted to join Delaz fleet in
>fighting the Feds? Most of them aren't what I called really dangerious
>enemies, unlike those Camille has to fight, since most of them are
That was before Stardust. He means during the Colony Drop. Gato was
punking those persuit fleet ships that had not been out-maneuvered by Cima,
and the rest of the fleet was waiting off by the Solar System. The Albion
was the only one that was actively persuing a fleet composed entirely of
combat veterans from the One Year War.
> > Sure, why not? He is a typical cocky jerk who happens to pilot an MS.
> > He is real enough as a pilot, unless you consider spoilt brats from the
> > ZZ series to be the real deal.
> I think he is trying to say that are you using Monsha as the standard
>piloting skills...
> > Is that so? GP-02A has a stronger beam saber, so it would be quite
> > strange to say that GP-01 has an upper hand in MELEE combat. GP-01
> > might be better in mid-to-long range combat with a beam rifle, but it is
> > hardly nasty enough up-close and personal. Besides, Gato is simply the
> > best!
> Why should he engage in MELEE combat, when GP01Fb has the advantage in
>agility and weapons? Remember, GP02A cannot use one of its arm, so it
>really use its shield to defend against attacks, and GP02A are not designed
>to fight against a top-of-the-line ace MS, so Kou has basically all the
>advantages besides experience. He could have use the attack and run away
>tactic with Gato, and Gato couldn't do anything about it simply because
>GP01Fb is much more agile and has more weapons than GP02A. The only reason
>believe Kou lost is because he's too emotion to use his head...
So the fact that he was fighting one of the best pilots from the one Year
War had nothing to do with it. While I admit that Kou does make the common
rookie mistake of losing control of his emotions, mainly because he IS a
rookie, but that does not make him a bad pilot.
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