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> > Can you honestly say you can shoot a woman who's injuried, even in
> >battle? Afterall, with her voice, I know it's really hard to hurt her
> >(Aina's voiced by the most famous "Goddess" voice actress, who is known
> >her innocent yet "goddessly" voice)...
> >
> who was it? Kikou Inoue?

    Of course - who else is known for her "goddess-like" voice? Her voice is
so good that the manga writer of the Oh! My Goddess series decide to make
her character more like the anime counterpart (in the anime, Belldandy is
much more "naive" and "innocent" than in the manga, at least in the
beginning). Of course, her role as Kasumi in Ranma 1/2 is also memoriable...

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