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Chris Maier asks,

>I'm kind of confused as to the exact lineage of this mecha. Is it officially
>called the Efreet, or just a bridge between the Gouf and the Dom, as the MSV
>description of it seems to state? Also the MSV pic and the Efreet don't
>really match confusion!

  At this point I've come to think that they're two separate mobile suits
- the MSV-era YMS-08A, the competitor to the Gouf; and the MS-08TX
Efreet, from Cross Dimension, a variant of which appears in Blue Destiny.
Some Japanese fans have hypothesized that they're actually related, but
the latest info seems to argue against it. According to the recent MSV
Collection File, the YMS-08A was developed by Zimmad (who later created
the Dom), while the Efreet was supposedly developed independently by
Zeon's Earth Attack Force.

  As per the MSV back story, the YMS-08A was created as a candidate for a
land warfare mobile suit to succeed the J-type Zaku II. Ultimately it was
combined with Zeonic's Gouf - note that the YMS-08A has leg thrusters for
jumping, a feature the Prototype Gouf lacks but the production version of
the Gouf possesses. The MSV Collection File elsewhere notes that Zimmad
was allowed to produce its own versions of the Gouf under license, which
presumably compensated them for donating their technology to its design.

  The Efreet, on the other hand, was developed by Zeon's frontline troops
on Earth. Though its basic characteristics - a high-performance land
warfare design based on the Zaku - are similar to those of the YMS-08A,
its different origin suggests that this was just a case of a new design
re-using the model number of an abandoned one. (Similarly, the YMS-16M
Xamel re-used the Zeong's original model number, and the Pezun series
recycled the model numbers of scrapped or redesigned mobile suits.)

-- Mark

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