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M. R. Hannibal wrote:
> Here they are (small list today):
> 1) Noin in a Serpent vs. Christina MacKinzie in a Hamma Hamma

Noin, definatly.. she saw countless Leos get stomped by the Gundmas and
faced Shenlong in close quarters and even after geting the arm ripped
off was still supreamly confident enough i her abilities to be tlaking
like the battle was already won, either she's really that good or she's
really that nuts, either way that makes her the most dangerous out of
the two pilots
> 2) Wu Fei in the Shenlong Gundam vs. The Black Trinary in Galbady Betas
Wu Fei, he's just too bad ^_^

> 3) Dozul Zabi in The O vs. Giren Zabi in a Quebeley Mass-Production Type
> vs. Kishiria Zabi in a Gelgoog J vs. Garma Zabi in a Zaku III

Douzel will immediatly side with his little brother Garma and they'll
wipe the floor with Giren while Kishiria waits for the oportunity to
sneak-atack Douzel, once he's down Garma won't be albe to bring himself
to attack his sister who's opinion of him he's always so worried about
and when he lets his gaurd down.. *wham*!

> 4) Duke Degin Zabi in a Gouf Custom vs. General Revil in Blue Destiny
> Unit 01
> 5) Char Aznable in a Zaku FZ vs. Quattro Bajina in a Rick Dom <he he he>
> 6) Amuro Rei in The Gundam (old school RX-78-3) vs. Judo Ashita in the
> G-3 Gundam
> 7) Paptimius Scriocco in a Assimar (with psycommu installed) vs. Camille
> Vidan in a Zeta Plus (with bio-sensor)
> 8) South Burning in a GM Custom vs. Bernard Monsha in a GM Quell, both
> with machine guns and beam sabres only, no other beam weapons
> Chew on those..................
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