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Edmund Chiu wrote:

> A veteran like himself should know if a damage is close enough to
> anything "vital" that might cause an explosion. I am not saying that he
> should know right away that the MS is going to explode, but he should at
> least check it out or something - better yet, ask to ride with Kou just so
> he wouldn't need to take a chance of it exploding...

Keep in mind, that he was distracted by his discovery of the stardust plans.

> I thought there's a Katejina, not to mention that Lupe, that has a
> "bathing" scene in V...

I was talking about Usso's escape from the bathtub followed by a nude
re-enactment of a scene from 2001.

> But that's timeline problem - when does the mass production Gundam first
> appear? Right as the Gundam "prototypes" were made or after.

How the hell is that more logical than anything in 0083?

> But she run out of ammo when Shiro had a clear shot at her...

He was trying to make nice, while she was still shooting.

> > > It really depends on what kind of problem bother them more -
> timeline
> > > problem or "logic" problem...
> >
> > Give me some specifics here.
> Out of all the Gundam shows, Kou is the "least" worthy of the Gundam
> pilot status. In the original Gundam, Amuro is the best one out of all
> pilots onboard White Base.

True, but again the evidence shows that Kou is indeed a good pilot who was
getting used to vastly different hardware. Once he got used to it he kicked ass.
He wasn't the most qualified on paper, but I bet he did alot better than the
more senior Monsha would have done.

it doesn't make too much sense but it's not so bad that it should ruin the show
for you.

> > Yes I would have to agree. 0083 is very shallow compared to the Tomino
> series',
> > but that doesn't make it bad just different.
> I didn't say it's bad - it's just more "action oriented" than the other
> UC Gundam shows, that's all...


---Brett Jensen

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