M. R. Hannibal (saiyajin11@hotmail.com)
Mon, 11 Dec 2000 16:15:55 -0000

Here they are (small list today):

   1) Noin in a Serpent vs. Christina MacKinzie in a Hamma Hamma

   2) Wu Fei in the Shenlong Gundam vs. The Black Trinary in Galbady Betas

   3) Dozul Zabi in The O vs. Giren Zabi in a Quebeley Mass-Production Type
vs. Kishiria Zabi in a Gelgoog J vs. Garma Zabi in a Zaku III

   4) Duke Degin Zabi in a Gouf Custom vs. General Revil in Blue Destiny
Unit 01

   5) Char Aznable in a Zaku FZ vs. Quattro Bajina in a Rick Dom <he he he>

   6) Amuro Rei in The Gundam (old school RX-78-3) vs. Judo Ashita in the
G-3 Gundam

   7) Paptimius Scriocco in a Assimar (with psycommu installed) vs. Camille
Vidan in a Zeta Plus (with bio-sensor)

   8) South Burning in a GM Custom vs. Bernard Monsha in a GM Quell, both
with machine guns and beam sabres only, no other beam weapons

Chew on those..................
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