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>Edmund Chiu wrote:

>> I thought Mark went over this one... However, if I were >to take one
>> of "mistakes", I would rather take ones like those in 08 MS >Team than
>> ones in 0083, since those in 08 MS team went against >timeline, while
>> went against logic sometimes...

>I don't think a mass produced ground pounder Gundam is at all >logical.

What's not so logical about being able to mass produce a kickass mecha that
can beat almopst anything the damn Zeeks can throw at it?

>> Can you honestly say you can shoot a woman who's >injuried, even in
>> battle?

>If she's shooting at me? Hell yes!

Shiro also had a point that he was trying to prove. Besides, he's confused,
his love is in the enemy and is the enemy so right now he's undergoing a lot
of internal conflict. It's easy to kill when the enemy doesn't have a face
but when you see that face, and when that face eventually becomes the face
of someone you love, then what? Also, before the series, Shiro aleady had
some thing against killing, or at least seeing someone die in front of him.
At the start, he's not so mature and can still kill just as long as he
doesn't see the person. When he has to kill up close and personal, then his
attitude changes. He's already seen one guy die (of suffocation) before his
very eyes ( the blood sraking pf the fingers onto his helmet was freaky
BTW), and he doesn't want that again.


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