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>I wouldn't even try to speculate on what the Titans could have >achieved
with all the plans for the GP 1-4 around.

The plans would most probably be with Anaheim (if they still existed) and
would most probably have benefitted the AEUG more than the Titans.

>Anyway those variants were just my speculation. wrote:

>>Maybe a Biological Weapon since A stood for Atomic, B for Biologic, & C
>>Chemical weaposn & warfare (Remember the ABC Treaty?).
>>So you'd probably get GP02 A,B &C variants.
>Wow, that one never even came to mind. It's a damn shame all data on them
>was destroyed, those B and C variants would make for a great show.
>Maybe the Zeon take all data they gathered from the GP-02a and build them
>themselves? Here's hoping!
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