Franz Co (
Mon, 11 Dec 2000 10:47:17 -0500 (EST)

BTW, what was the Alex that cameod in the background of one of the pics (8th
MS sequence).

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From: garrick lee <>
Sent: December 11, 2000 5:53:53 AM GMT
Subject: [gundam] here's one for the useless fights

>just for fun.

>with richie bringing his gouf squad (yet unpainted,
>for they await even more of his twisted conversions)
>to our weekly gundam bash, an impromptu pictorial of
>the "norris packard vs. ranba ral" vintage
>useless fight was inevitable. :P

>hguc gouf vs. 8th ms gouf (which can actually

>(er, ignore the turn x and green power armor :P)

>the next two brainstorming
>goofiness for an impending diaroma of a certain battle
>sequence in 8th ms team (which i'm sure everyone

>eh, that's all. :)

-garr & co.
goufing around on sunday afternoons...

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