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Mon, 11 Dec 2000 07:39:23 -0800

Ahh...hmmm I hope it's nothing really serious.  I just got a Zeta PG from them really cheap which should be arriving any day now.  I'd freak if I got burned on that one.
My only problem is they do seriously over charge on the shipping but eh buying one or two kits from then now and again is saving me lots of money considering I bought the bulk of it when they did combine shipping.

Edward Ju wrote:

>  Ebay banned them? Do you know for what?

>Those clowns are changing their eBay name more often than fashion models
>changing their outfits in their dressing room.  I think they go by
>kwikseller on eBay now, after eBay banned them several times even though
>they kept coming back with a different name.

Dunno, eBay is usually pretty lax, and only suspend people for serious
offenses.  What sucks is that eBay doesn't tell people why someone got
suspended, so your guess is as good as mine.


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