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Edmund Chiu wrote:

> But you have to agree that it's cheesy, since with Burning's experience,
> he should know when his MS is going to exploded...

Why? the damage was to the exterior. Unless the suit's warning systems tell him
something's busted how would he know?

> > Oh yes between the shocking realism of Zaku VS ball combat, and the well
> > written jail-bait nude scene, 08th MS has all the bases covered. A true
> > classic.^_^
> A "shower" or "bathing" scene is a must in all Gundam shows - can you
> name one Gundam show that doesn't show a female taking a shower or bathing
> sometime during the series?

true,^_^ but Sayla, Four, Nina, etc... were a little more mature. I think V
gundam had the most "memorable" bath scene, at least for Usso. ^_^

> I thought Mark went over this one... However, if I were to take one type
> of "mistakes", I would rather take ones like those in 08 MS Team than the
> ones in 0083, since those in 08 MS team went against timeline, while 0083
> went against logic sometimes...

I don't think a mass produced ground pounder Gundam is at all logical.

> Can you honestly say you can shoot a woman who's injuried, even in
> battle?

If she's shooting at me? Hell yes!

> > Again see: futility and horror of War. Look under Chein Agi.
> So does Katsu's death...


> It really depends on what kind of problem bother them more - timeline
> problem or "logic" problem...

Give me some specifics here.

> But you have to agree that you would look twice at someone who like 0083
> because of it "deep" story ^_^

Yes I would have to agree. 0083 is very shallow compared to the Tomino series',
but that doesn't make it bad just different.

---Brett Jensen

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