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> Edmund Chiu wrote:
> > I thought Seabrook is pretty mature about the whole thing, although
> > did do something immature that eventually got his father killed (but so
> > Usso - he almost got himself killed by Katejina!). Of course, he's older
> > he doesn't have to worry about finding a girlfriend...
> Yeah, i guess they are tied for maturity. IMO Usso had to go thru alot
more than
> Seabrook. Only camille had more horror in his life than Usso.

    Yeah - Usso didn't end with someone like Fa, who's almost like joined at
the hip with Camille ^_^ I don't mean I hate Fa or anything, it's just the
way she treat Camille sometimes - I am not even sure if she knows about the
whole Four thing (I don't think Char is "kind" enough to tell her). Judging
from her reaction when Camille called Rosamia Four near the end of Zeta, I
would say she had no idea that Camille loved someone else...

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