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garrick lee wrote:

> so, i suspect cheese factor has less to do with 0083
> problems than poor writing does (c'mon, south
> burning's death has my vote for the all time dumbest

Oh I suppose people don't die in really stupid ways thru no fault of
their own during war time?

> between a well written dork (kou) and a well written
> peace loving casanova (shiro), i side with the latter.
> :P

Oh yes between the shocking realism of Zaku VS ball combat, and the well
written jail-bait nude scene, 08th MS has all the bases covered. A true

I can't help raving about the great continuuity keeping of the timing of
Giren's speech and the fact that there are GMs and MASS PRODUCED Gundams
running around so early in the war. No plot holes here! ^o^

And of course there's the realism of Shiro risking his ass to give aid
and comfort to the enemy. and this is just the first few episodes.

Cima's death was well deserved and rather funny IMO. (I do like Cima, but
if you charge the big MA, you die.)

> yeah, and they both died ignoble stupid deaths.

Again see: futility and horror of War. Look under Chein Agi.

> quit downplaying other gundams just coz you don't dig
> 'em.

Take your own advice! I actually like F-91 and 08th MS team. (and all
Gundam actually) I just think people unfairly overlook their problems,
while jumping all over 0083.

> i understand the sentiments of those who got into the original macross
> first and saw it butchered as robotech. but for those
> who grew up with robotech, i find it (no offense
> brett) the pinacle of arrogant stupidity for them to
> turn around and bash it

Gee why would I be offended by that. ^_0

It's a bit more complicated than that. It has to do with a feeling of
being lied to. And for me, it really has to do with the fact that
Robotech is still gaining fans today, even though The perfect collection
tapes of macross were out, even with the DVD sets coming. Robotech served
it's purpose in the 80s when anime was tough to come by, but now that
anime is readily available it should be put to rest.

> -- as if they feel the need to
> dissociate themselves from a plague.

It's not like that. Hell, I'll still talk to Carl Macek if I see him,
he's an OK guy.

> what? is it supposed to be a mark of maturing as a
> fan? geez.

Is bashing 0083 the sign of a mature Gundam fan? no offense. ^_-

---Brett Jensen

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